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Pitch Update: September

Pitch Update: September

Eager to keep supporters and the public updated regarding the pitch issues at the Bibby Financial Services Stadium, directors George Dowell and Calvin Buckland have released the following open letter.

Dear all,

We want to keep everyone updated on where we are with the pitch.

The latest development is that we hosted a meeting on Thursday at Worthing FC with representatives from all the different parties involved in the issue present. The meeting was chaired and directed by FIFA who flew in directly from Zurich yesterday.

Whilst we cannot go into detail at this point, we can say the discussions were around a complex set of issues, however all parties are agreed thatĀ getting us back playing at our own ground as soon as possible is the priority. A number of commitments were made and actions agreed that will move us towards this.

Discussions will continue over the weekend, and we hope to share the outcome of these and the plan of action very soon. Please be assured that we, with the support of others, are doing everything possible but that we have to be patient and follow advice.

We can though confirm that we will be playing home fixtures at Bognor throughout September.

We do appreciate the intense frustration this ongoing issue is causing all of our supporters, sponsors, players and those who use our facilities. Please trust us when we say we are desperate to get back to our own ground.

We remain very grateful for the support that continues to be shown to us at this very difficult time.

Thank you one and all.

George and Calvin.

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