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FIVE FACTS: Brightlingsea Regent

Here's Five Facts on Brightlingsea Regent Football Club ahead of our Home fixture on Saturday 9th March 2019. Did you know..?

1. Brightlingsea United were founded in 1928, after a merger between Brightlingsea Athletic and Brightlingsea Town, before joining forces with Regent Park Rangers in 2005, to form the present-day Club.

2. They moved to their current North Road Ground – otherwise known as The Taydal Stadium – in 1929, having purchased the land from a gentleman by the name of Reg Girling, for the grand sum of £400.

3. Their first stand incorporated a press box that doubled as changing facilities for the Match Referee and Linesmen !

4. The historic Jacob’s Hall is said to be the oldest timber-framed building in the country; dating back to the fourteenth century.

5. According to the Doomsday Book of 1087, the local population consisted of; 24 villagers, 26 smallholders and 5 slaves.