We spoke to Cam about his time at the club: how he started out, his ups and downs, and what the future holds.

WFC: What were you doing before you started at Woodside Road, and how did you get involved?

CM: Before I started I was down at Chichester University, and I remember the day very well when I got the phone call off George who asked if I wanted to come down and start a girls development centre, and work with the women’s team. It sort of evolved from there into where I am now with the club.

WFC: How have you seen the club change and develop while you’ve been here?

CM: It’s had its ups and downs. Working at a club this level you do manage to see everything that happens in the background as well as on the pitch. We’ve obviously had downs with issues with the pitch and having to go to Bognor, but then there’s been a lot of highs. The first team has been growing and growing, we’ve had all the young lads coming through into the senior side, and our youth setup has really come along with a lot of our young sides doing really well. We’re providing a real pathway for those young players to come through and we’ve already shown that the opportunities are there. The club is growing massively too, the attendances have gotten even bigger, and it’s been a really good experience to see the ups and downs of how a club runs.

WFC: Have you managed to learn a lot from the people here at Worthing?

CM: I’ve been really lucky, not just at Worthing but through my whole life, at being able to surround myself with really good coaches and great people. Obviously I say a big thanks to Gary [Elphick] for bringing me in in the first place and giving me the opportunity. Unfortunately results didn’t go his way but I learned a lot from him in terms of man management. Hinsh has been massive. He’s a brilliant person who knows the game inside out, and he deserves a lot of accolades for his tactical understanding and the way he approaches the game. There’s only one way up for him now. Then there’s Aarran who’s had his experience in his playing career and now his S&C work, so I’ve definitely been really fortunate to surround myself with such great people who know the game so well.

WFC: What have you enjoyed the most about your time here?

CM: I think the biggest reward from being here has been seeing players push on and develop, not only on the pitch but as people as well. Obviously we’ve had the likes of Kwame and Omar moving on higher, and a few loanees from Brighton, and it’s great to see them kick on.

WFC: What does the future hold for Cam Morrison? Where can we expect to see you?

CM: What does the future hold? I don’t even know what’s going on tonight let alone the future! I just want to keep knuckling down and keep learning every day. I have got an end goal that I want to reach, but I might keep that to myself for now! But yeah, just keep improving as a coach and as a person and see where I can go.

The club would like to give great thanks to Cam for all he’s done at Woodside Road, and wish him the absolute best of luck for the future.