The Reds are currently unbeaten since the return of football amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with their 2-2 draw to Chichester City on Tuesday being their first failure to win a game since the restart.

Meanwhile, Three Bridges enjoyed two wins in two successive nights, starting with a 4-3 victory against Saltdean United on Tuesday which included goals from former Worthing men Curtis Gayler and Hayden Skerry, followed by a 1-0 win at home to Shoreham a day later.

Fixtures between the two sides have served up feisty affairs in recent years, including a 6-2 thriller at Jubilee Walk in the 2014-15 season which saw Gayler net four for Worthing, and two red cards given to former Mackerel men Matt Whitehead and Jamie Crellin for Three Bridges.

The match will be played in front of a maximum crowd of 400 spectators, and in order to ensure maximum safety at this afternoon’s fixture, Three Bridges have issued the following procedures in spite of COVID-19:

1. Before you leave your home, please carry out a self assessment of yourself, if you do
feel you have any of the recognised COVID -19 symptoms. Please stay at home, there
will be more games for you to enjoy

2. On arrival to the ground we ask you to use the hand sanitizer provided.

3. Card payment is preferred for admission.

4. As part of the clubs effort to help with the Governments track and trace system, we
have implemented a few systems to help record who is at the ground.

A) Using your smart phone please use your camera or QR reader to scan one of the
Evepass QR codes around the ground. Instructions are located under the code,
you only have to register once. Then every time you visit Jubilee field you just
have to scan.

B) Text the following number with your Full Name and how many in your party.

C) If you still have issues, please speak to a member of staff, who will take down your

D) All details will be destroyed after 21 days as per the GPDR regulations

5. Remember to social distance when in the ground and try not to be in a group more
than 6.

6. In the Stands, please refrain from sitting on any seats with crosses on. These have
been blanked off to aid social distancing.

7. Please when queuing, try to keep social distancing in mind and follow any
instructions that are around the facility.