Club chairman Barry Hunter explains: “The club is on a steep trajectory and we have a lot to be optimistic about. So, it’s vital everything about the club is fit for purpose, something we have been working on in recent seasons. We have 2 immediate priorities. Transitioning into a full-time operation, (on and off the pitch) and upgrading the stadium”.

“We don’t have a benefactor and our growth plan does not depend on one. Operationally we aim to spend within our means by growing our income, which has served us well in recent seasons and will remain a key factor in the timing of our transition into full time. However, a stadium upgrade can benefit from one off capital expenditure, which is how Ralph’s Investment will be deployed”.

Ralph is Co-Founder and director of Focus Group, who employ over 600 people in the Adur and Worthing area and 1,000 people nationally. Ralph explains his investment decision:

“This is a private investment and one that I am incredibly excited about. I have had really positive discussions over the past few months with the club’s board, Barry Hunter, George Dowell and Chris Salt and I am committed to support their growth plan and joining the club on its journey”.

The investment, alongside grant funding opportunities, will be a key contributor to future proofing National League Step 1 ground grading requirements and address some important spectator facility upgrades. Once finalised a plan will be announced by General Manager Keith Mitchell.

Barry Hunter added: “Ralph has acquired a 10% shareholding in the club and will join George, Chris and I as board directors. He is a highly successful businessman, has an excellent local network and we are really looking forward to him joining our team”.