This afternoon the FA announced that this seasons league competition for Steps 3-6 will be null and void, with no promotion or relegation. This also applies to our Women’s team.

Naturally this comes as a huge disappointment to everyone involved at the club as we sat top of both our respective leagues.

That said, this is not a decision that would have been taken likely by the FA and it is one that the club fully understands and supports. This is a time for everyone to come together, be safe and get through an incredibly difficult period.

I want to thank each and everyone of our supporters, sponsors, volunteers, players, managers, coaches and club management committee members, all of whom have played such a massive role in bringing pride and enjoyment into to the club again this season. I know this club well and I’m certain that we will take this momentum into next season and go again.

It’s my hope to share positive news in the coming days and weeks about the club and the progress we are making off the park to ensure we can keep pace with all the positives happening on the park.

The future is most definitely bright.

For now, please stay safe. 

Barry Hunter

Chairman: Worthing Football Club.