The end of 2018-19 allowed all club staff members the opportunity to rest and prepare for the new campaign. This doesn’t simply mean on the pitch but also off it too, as plans have been put in place to regenerate and improve facilities where possible.

It’s always nice to give the place a refreshed look; ready for when the players return to the rigours of pre-season training.

Like most lower-league clubs, relying on sponsor’s good gestures is essential as restrains on clubs means money is always tight.

Sitting down just before the masses came back in preparation for yet another nine months of twists and turns, First Team Manager, Adam Hinshelwood and Kitman (extraordinaire, Sub. Ed.) Stuart Evans sat down together for a brainstorming session to work out how all this could actually be made a reality.

After getting the nod from Chairman, Pete and The Big Boss, George, Stu got the ball rolling by instigating a mini Dressing Room refurb and, via several phone calls coupled with the gathering of a small bunch of eager and loyal helpers, the home end was the place to begin !

A special thanks to Ashley at Wall Bros who kindly donated and installed the new waterproof flooring.

Of course, a shout out to Paul Lingard of Thirteen Tattoo Company in Brighton Road, who carried out the stunning artwork that now adorns the walls; as well as Stephen at Subway EPS for the stencils for the artwork.

So, after a few evenings’ work, the home end is nearly complete, with work starting soon on tiling and a new door.

This club is for the supporters and relies heavily on the kind gestures of sponsors and fans alike and this work is testament to the fantastic, loyal followers we have. Proof, if proof was needed, that this town which we call home, is full of great people.




Writing Credit: Stuart Evans