Heads On is the charity being supported this season by Worthing Football Club Men’s and Women’s Teams.

In our upcoming home fixture against Farnborough FC, on Saturday 8th October, you will find the Heads On team in the Fanzone providing information about the Charity and promoting positive messages about Mental Health.

Here’s some more information about them and the work they do for mental health:

Heads On is Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s charity. We help people with mental health problems to feel supported, to stay active and to be more involved in their communities.

Living with mental health problems can be life changing, but we believe that with the right support extraordinary things can happen.

Anyone can experience a mental health problem. One in four of us every year.

At Heads On we do everything we can to make things better for the people who come to Sussex Partnership for help, by providing funding for special projects, patient and family support, pioneering research and the transformation of your local mental health hospitals into more comfortable and welcoming environments.

Thanks to the generosity of our fundraisers, Heads On can help to provide the best possible support to people with mental health problems across Sussex and beyond.

Monday 10 October is World Mental Health Day; the theme is “Making Mental Health & Well-Being for All a Global Priority.” We therefore thought we would use this opportunity to promote our own mental health and have come up with a mindful activity that may help you feel calmer:

Take a moment and think about the following.

1. What’s around me?
What can you see, smell, hear and feel? How much can you focus and really notice these things?

2. How does my body feel?
Take a moment to notice what your body is sensing. Are you feeling stressed or calm, hot or cold?

3. How does my mind feel?
Now focus on your mind. Is it foggy, busy, dull, frantic or calm?

4. How do I feel?
Finally, what emotions are you feeling? Are you worried, upset, relaxed or anxious?

All it takes is a few minutes to stop and really notice how you feel. Practice each day, or as often as you can, and you’ll feel calmer, more able to concentrate and more in control of your thoughts and feelings.

To find out more about Heads On, please visit our website www.headsoncharity.org or email headsoncharity@spft.nhs.uk